A Covid Wedding

Well, well, well. What a year 2020 turned out to be - not what any of us foresaw (laughs and cry's internally). This held true for weddings. This big day suddenly had to be replanned and dramatically scaled down if you wanted to continue with a 2020 wedding.

Lindsay and Brett decided to keep with marrying in 2020, but it would be much different than first planned. Initially, they both planned to wed in Calgary, where they both live. The families would fly out, and friends would attend. Early in the year, that plan had to be canceled with the pandemic in full force. So Lindsay and Brett decided to fly to Ontario and hold the ceremony (with only family) at her family's backyard in Belleville, On. It was a last-minute decision as they contacted me, and a week later, it was the big day!

A drastically different day for me as a photographer; it was an entire wedding day compacted into about three hours.

Lindsay's family did a great job of picking the best spot in the yard. With the meticulously groomed landscaping, it looked as if we were in a local park. I was able to capture some great moments before the ceremony began!

After the ceremony, we took more images with family and Lindsay & Brett around the property.

And like that, my first "Covid Wedding" was complete! It certainly is less stressful for everyone involved with what's being called "Micro Weddings". Fewer people, less time, but more time to enjoy the moments with the people who are closest to you - which is the most important.

Lindsay and Brett still plan on holding a party in 2021 for all their friends back in Calgary to celebrate their one-year anniversary. My hope is that come Summer 2021, the majority of people have been vaccinated, and we can begin to socialize again! However, I feel like micro weddings are here to stay.